We are thrilled to partner with Firefly Handmade Market to bring Junior & Teen Firefly Market to 29th Street Mall this summer! This is a wonderful opportunity for Juniors (ages 6-12) and Teens (ages 13-17) to put their maker skills, ideas, and entrepreneurship to work and learn what it's like to run a full market booth--complete from creating their handmade goods, to naming their business and making a business sign, setting up their booth, and selling their pieces at the market! Junior & Teen Firefly presented by Tinker Art Studio will be a mini market held in the heart of the larger summer Firefly Handmade Market on Boulder's beautiful 29th Street Mall. Thousands of shoppers come through the market over the course of the weekend! Firefly Handmade, Tinker, and 29th Street Mall have partnered to offer this incredible youth program free of charge. Don't miss this unique opportunity to have a booth at the Junior & Teen Firefly Market!

Junior Firefly

ages 6-12

FULL - Please apply for the Waitlist below.

Junior Firefly presented by Tinker Art Studio will be held during the Summer 2017 Firefly Handmade Market!

Please first read the FAQs below for more information and then click to apply! Applications open May 10th.

Teen Firefly

ages 13-17

FULL - Please apply for the Waitlist below.

*NEW* Teen Firefly presented by Tinker Art Studio will be held during the Summer 2017 Firefly Handmade Market! We had many requests to add a Teen Firefly Market, and are thrilled to include Teen makers this year! Please first read the FAQs below for more information and then click to apply!  Applications open May 10th.

FAQs for Prospective Junior & Teen Firefly Artisans

(and their parents)


When is the market?

Junior & Teen Firefly is held on Saturday and Sunday, July 15th - 16th. The open hours of the market at 10am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday. This is at the same time, on the same weekend, as the larger summer Firefly Handmade Market at 29th Street Mall.

How do I apply?

It's simple! Click on the Apply to Firefly! link and answer the brief application questions. The application should take about 10-15 minutes. Applications open on Wednesday, May 10th and are accepted on a rolling basis. We have limited spaces available, so we recommend applying as soon as possible. Once our spaces fill, we will be happy to add you to our Wait List and will notify you if a space was to become available. We will get back to you within 48 business hours of receiving your application.  

Should the parent fill out the application or should the junior/teen artisan fill it out?

The application is written for the Junior or Teen participant to answer and fill out. Depending on keyboarding skills, a parent might need to help type answers into the application. Parents also might need to help enter the contact information (parent's email, for example). The intention of Junior & Teen Firefly is for the junior or teen participant to learn, grow, enjoy, and have fun throughout the entire process, and this starts with the application! 

I'm interested, but we're also pretty busy. What are the time commitments? 

The time commitment will vary by participant, largely based on the amount of time the participant puts into creating their handmade goods. After your application is accepted, you should start making! Depending on the products, the time it takes will vary for each individual. You should plan to attend our Junior & Teen Firefly Artisan Community Night at Tinker on Friday, June 16th from 4:45 to 6:00pm, and also plan to arrive at 9am to set up your booth the morning of Saturday, July 15th before the market opens at 10am! (Check out the timeline below for more information.)

Is the Junior & Teen Firefly Artisan Community Night at Tinker on June 16th required?

No, but highly encouraged! Artisans will be given promo materials to embellish and distribute to friends and family. We will also have a community art project happening to create a Junior & Teen Firefly banner that will be hung at the market. Plus, you'll get to meet and hang with your fellow artisans!

How many items of handmade goods should I make for the weekend?

This varies widely by participant. It's really up to your discretion what you think you might be able to sell over the course of the weekend. If you sell out on Saturday--awesome! You might just pack up early and head home to make more of your goods before Sunday. You also might like to consider the aesthetics of your table and having enough goods to set up in a way that looks full! 

What should I make?!

This is 100% up to you! You'll need to make multiples of your product, or several of different products, so first and foremost, it should be something you enjoy making! Just remember the practicality of making the number of items you plan to create. Also consider that this is a market selling environment, so put yourself in the shoppers' shoes! What do you think will sell? (Please note, no baked goods or other edible products are permitted for Junior or Teen Firefly Market artisans.)

How do I decide what price to put on my goods?

This is a consideration of any market artisan! There's no right or wrong answer here, but some things you might consider when deciding are: How much were your materials? How much time did each piece take you to make? How much do you think a market shopper will be interested in paying? 

What is a business sign and how do I make it?

Every business needs a name! What is your business name? It can include your own name, the type of goods you make, or any other idea you might have. Once you have your business name, you'll want to make a sign to attract customers to your booth. You will need to hang your sign from the front of your table cloth, or set it on your table top. As your table space is 3'x3' in size, plan the material and type of sign accordingly. If you are attaching it to your table covering to be displayed on the front of your booth, consider weight and attachment method (tape, safety pins, etc.). We'd recommend painting on fabric, drawing on a posterboard, or any other lightweight material if you're attaching to the front of your table. If you're displaying your business sign on your table top, a wooden board, foam core board, or other stiff material might be better. Just remember to bring an easel or consider how it will stand!

    What is provided by the market?

    We provide the booth! This includes the physical space at the market, the table where you will set up your goods, a chair for each participant, and tent overhead. You simply need to add your table covering, handmade goods and table set up, and business sign. 

    How much space do I have and what does the setup look like?

    Underneath each 10'x10' tent will be four tables. Each 6'x3' table is shared between two participants--therefore, each participant has a 3'x3' space to set up their booth (merchandise, display, and signage). There will be 8 chairs on the interior of the tent for participants. Each participant will set up their booth facing outward into the market and shoppers will browse the booths by walking around the exterior of the tents. 

    Exactly what do I need to remember to bring to the Market?

    • your handmade goods! 
    • a table covering
    • table display materials (for example, baskets or containers, or any other way you'd like to organize and show your goods.)
    • your business sign + a way to display it (attachment to table covering or table top display)
    • change pouch (with small bills and change!) 
    • pricing information (stickers on your goods, or a sign with the price of each piece within a basket, for example)
    • a water bottle + snacks
    • sunscreen, and extra sunscreen!
    • comfortable clothing and shoes (possibly a hat or maybe a sweater, weather dependent)

    Do parents need to stay on Saturday and Sunday of the market?

    We're so glad you asked! YES. We do not provide supervision for junior or teen Firefly artisans, and parents must remain with their child to supervise and support if needed. 

    Teen Firefly artisans who have signed permission slips from their parents may remain solo at the market. But remember, we do not provide supervision, and are not responsible for Junior or Teen Firefly artisans during the market weekend.

    What if I want to be at a booth with a friend?

    You can do that! There will be 8 participating artisans at each booth, and you will choose your booth location when you arrive to set up on Saturday morning, July 15th. Simply select a tent with space still available to be with a friend. Please note, specific booth spaces are available on a first come first serve basis on Saturday morning, July 15th, but as long as you are on time at 9am, we can surely work it out! 

    I'm a Teen Firefly, will I be with the Junior Firefly artisans?

    In short, yes. The Junior and Teen Firefly mini market will be in one space, and under the same tents, within the larger Firefly Handmade Market. There are a few reasons for this--one being that we are looking to our Teen Firefly artisans to be role models for Junior Firefly artisans. It is also very helpful for selling work at the market if the tents are FULL, thus it is to everyone's benefit to have multiple artisans under each tent. Depending on the number of Teen Firefly participants, we might separate out a full tent for Teen Firefly artisans, but that will be determined at a later date. 

    What if I can't stay the full weekend? Can I have a booth just one day?

    We hope that you can stay both Saturday and Sunday of the Market, but if you have a conflict, or are interested in attending either Saturday or Sunday only, please just let us know! We're happy to work with you to accommodate your needs as best we can. There is a space on the application form to let us know of any special case scenarios, including scheduling requests. The final decision will be determined after all applications have been received and requests reviewed. 

    My child has special needs, is the Junior & Teen Firefly an inclusive event?

    Absolutely! We welcome and encourage any interested youth artisan to apply. You know your child best and whether participating in the Junior & Teen Firefly Market will be a good fit for them. If you have other questions about specific accommodations, please just let us know--we would love to help!

    I want to learn more about the Firefly Handmade Market!

    You'll love it! Head on over to Firefly's website and check out all of the awesomeness that happens on their Market weekends... over 100 Indie artisans, food trucks, artist demos, live music, and more! 

    More questions? No problem! We'd love to hear from you and are happy to be of help in any way we can. Please email us at tinker@tinkerartstudio.com and include Junior Firefly or Teen Firefly in your subject line. 

    Junior & Teen Firefly Handmade Market Timeline

    • Wednesday, May 10:
      • Junior & Teen Firefly Market application opens!
      • We will accept applications on a rolling basis, and have limited spaces available, so we recommend applying as soon as possible once applications open! 
    • June 1st - July 14th:
      • Make your handmade goods! 
      • Work on your table display, business sign, and pricing information
    • Thursday, June 15th:
      • Application window closes--in the event that we are still accepting applications. Remember, applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and we expect to be on to a Wait List well before June 15th.
    • Friday, June 16th // 4:45pm - 6:00pm: 
      • Junior & Teen Firefly Artisan Community Night at Tinker Art Studio
    • Saturday, July 15th // 10am:
      • Market opens to shoppers!
      • Please arrive at 9am to get all set up and ready for business by 10am.
      • Remember to bring change! Plan to bring a pouch or place to store your change. 
    • Saturday & Sunday, July 15th - 16th // 10am - 4pm:
      • Market Weekend! 
      • Remember to bring snacks, a water bottle, sunscreen, and plenty of energy!