Adult Art Classes in Painting & Drawing

Join us this Summer for our 9-week session! New to art or re-discovering it? Tinker provides a welcoming and supportive studio environment.

Not interested in a full session? Check out our Friday Art Nights for a casual, fun night of painting with our talented instructors!

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Oil Painting: Beginners & Intermediate

Mondays | 6/3 - 8/5 | No Class 7/1 | 6:30 - 8:30pm | $249 + $0 materials fee

This 9-week session is designed to give the beginning oil painter the basic skills necessary to begin their oil painting journey, while supporting students with more experience to expand their skills. Practice both painting from life, as well as from a photo reference, and learn the basics of the visual language needed to create your own unique oil paintings. 

Please note that there is no materials fee for this class, and students are required to purchase their own supplies. After registering for the class, we will email you a supply list with detailed information about where you can purchase your supplies.

Meet the Instructor: Jeanne Hougen

Open Access: Intermediate/Advanced Painting

Mondays | 6/3 - 8/5 | No Class 7/1 | 7:00 - 9:00pm | $165 + $0 materials fee

This 9-week session is designed to give intermediate and advanced acrylic and oil painters the opportunity to continue their work. In this independent study style course, students will bring their own ideas, photos, and materials to enjoy working among a community of other painters. An instructor will join the last 30-minutes of each class (from 8:30-9pm) and be available to check in with students about your progress and any tips for the following week.

Please note that there is no materials fee for this class, and students are required to bring/purchase their own supplies. Upon registration, you will have an option to purchase canvases from Tinker and to purchase the use of studio acrylic paints. Oil paints cannot be purchased at Tinker. (Please contact us if you would like our oils materials list with detailed purchasing information.) Additional canvases can be purchased all session long! Canvases (up to 18x24”) can be stored at Tinker over the course of your session. Paints, brushes, and any other individual student supplies cannot be stored at Tinker.

Meet the Instructor: Jeanne Hougen

Life Drawing

Tuesdays | 6/4 - 8/6 | No Class 7/2 | 6:30 - 8:30pm | $265 + $22 materials fee

In this 9-week course you will be defining and sharpening your understanding of drawing technique and rendering the human form. The class will include seven sessions with a live nude model and two sessions of technique exploration. A balance of one on one as well as whole group instruction will be conducive to a learning environment of all experience levels from beginner to advanced to feel comfortable and gain a personal understanding of the concepts at one's own pace.

Meet the instructor: Erica Podwoiski

Acrylic Painting: Beginners & Intermediate

Wednesdays | 6/5 - 8/7 | No Class 7/3 | 6:30 - 8:30pm | $235 + $25 materials fee

Join us on Wednesday evenings to learn about or continue your practice with acrylics! This 9-week course will be laid out with a combination of step by step guidance and one-on-one conversations to ensure students of all levels will be able to progress in their own unique painting process and style. Learn basic skills and techniques and continue to build skills while painting a variety of subjects including landscapes, still life paintings and more.

Meet the Instructor: Erica Podwoiski

Cancellation Policy:

  • A minimum of 4 students must be enrolled in order for class to be held. We will notify you if your class might not run due to low enrollment.

  • Payment is due in full at time of registration. The Materials Fee is a non-refundable deposit. In the event of a cancellation, tuition will be refunded up to 10 days prior to the start of class. Within 10 days of the class start date, class tuition is non-refundable.