Community Involvement  

We strive to support and enhance our community by being an engaged, socially responsible business. In the four years that we've been open, we've built a sculptural Little Free Library and designed a Paint the Pavement project for our neighborhood. We've created the set for Boulder Opera's children's production of The Magic Flute, and worked with schools to host fundraising and community building workshops. Through grants we have provided classes for Boulder Housing Partner's youth, and we provide dozens of donations each year to local schools and non-profits to support their fundraising efforts. 

Others Around Boulder

We love what these partner organizations are doing around and for our Boulder Community! Check them out!

Reading in Spires

A Little Free Library by Tinker Art Studio

In the spring of 2013, Christie Slater and Jonathan Davis built Reading in Spires, a Little Free Library, which is now located in the Holiday Park (at the corner 14th St. and Yaupon Ave) and heavily used by children and adults from the surrounding neighborhoods. It has become a lively community spot in the park and a favorite among children who often refer to it as "the castles."


  • Little Free Libraries promote literacy and a love of reading.
  • Little Libraries build community! Join your neighbors or bring friends to visit Reading in Spires all year long!
  • NoBo Little Libraries help build awareness around the need for a fully supported North Boulder public library branch.
  • Public sculptural installations add art into our lives! The NoBo Art District is working to install 6 NoBo Little Libraries.

Read more about Little Free Libraries across the country and the world! 

Reading in Spires was constructed through stacking cut plywood slabs. Stacked pieces were glued and screwed between each layer. This process continued until the three spires were complete. Next, doors, which open to reveal shelving housing books, were cut out of each spire. The entire sculpture sits on a steel base, is secured by steel rods in concrete footings, and is finished with several coats of epoxy and a marine quality varnish for a weather proof seal.

Reading in Spires was designed and constructed by Christie Slater (owner, Tinker Art Studio) and Jonathan Davis (teacher and do-it-all Tinkerer). It is supported by the NoBo Art District and Holiday Neighborhood HOA, in part by a grant from the Boulder Arts Commission, donations from The Home Depot, donations from Joe Levy--metal artist, and time, equipment, and consultation donations from countless others. Thank you to everyone who helped with this project!

More information about our other community projects coming soon!