Tinker Testimonials

We <3 our Tinker community. Read what they're saying about Tinker here, and if you have a testimonial to share, we really hope you'll do so! Send us an email or write us a review on our Facebook page, Yelp, or on Google. Your reviews and word of mouth to friends and the community is our greatest asset for people understanding who we are and why we do what we do! We greatly appreciate your support and encouragement over the years, and we sincerely thank you for being a part of Tinker!


"Just wanted to tell you again how much the kids enjoyed both Tinker camps they went to. I really love the wonderful, calm, creative atmosphere you've created at Tinker and we've loved everything we've done there, from Open Studio to birthday parties to the camps. Both kids make really interesting things, get exposed to materials they might not use normally, and come home eager to tell me about everything they've done. This week the combination of art, storytelling, music, and theater was particularly great. Tinker is such a wonderful addition to Boulder and I'm so glad you started it." - Amanda

"Tinker, truly, thank you so much for coming into our North Boulder neighborhood. My little girl has an innate gravitation toward expression through art. Of the many art outlets in Boulder we have tried, your approach, process and product have proven extraordinary. My wife & I do not take the decision of where to foster art within our daughter lightly. You are our studio. As many of our friends now know, you welcome any & all into your studio regardless of skill level and you are great at meeting everyone just where they are."

"We were BLOWN AWAY by your camp!  Both Q and W can't stop talking about it and wish they could go again next week. :) Thanks so much for the incredible experience you provide for our children.  We will definitely be taking advantage of art classes for them in the future as well!" - Shannah

"Christie was SO welcoming and both my boys were immediately engaged and ready to get out there and create some art! The interior of the space is beautiful - soft lighting, lots of colour, texture, and even though the space filled up with lots of parents and kids, there was a consistent mellow vibe that was very conducive to art-making. We absolutely cannot wait to return! What an amazing thing to do with your kids!" - Christy

"From the bottom of our hearts here at RFCBC, THANK YOU for being such an involved community member! We love Tinker Art Studio. Tinker exemplifies the ethic of civic engagement within the business community. Thanks again!" - Realities for Children Boulder County

"The Tinker event at BWE this past Saturday was the most fun I have had in awhile!  We probably had 17 or 18 kids and 6 or more adults participating, with others watching.  Drumming happened first. The youngest drummer had to be under 2 years old.  They were taught about the kinds of drums, where they came from.  Then they each had a sound that they shared with the group (along with their names) and then the group copied their unique sound.  Then came the art project (making wind chimes), then more drumming.  A couple of older boys were drawn to the craft project, then drummed. Jonathan, the drum guy, also read a GREAT story (English and Spanish).  He is a master story teller and was fantastic with kids." - Anna Kay, Family Site Case Manager/Service Coordinator III, Boulder Housing Partners

"My daughter recently had her birthday party at Tinker Art Studio. Wow! Everyone had a blast and the art projects were very unique and age-appropriate. We chose to add-on the pottery wheel throwing demo and that was a highlight!" - Ann

"Tinker Art Studio is great.  Our two kids (ages 5 and 9) spent three days at the studio creating some fantastic art with the help of Christie and her staff.  The kids had a lot of fun and look forward to going again. The studio is a really special place and the people that work there are very dedicated and talented. My wife wants to go too!" - Mike